1000 Community Relations

1000 - Community Relations

  • Board Policy 1000: Concepts and Roles in Community Relations

    PURPOSE:    To set forth concepts and roles in relations with local agencies and organizations, and the community.
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  • Board Policy 1100: Communications with the Public

    PURPOSE:    To address communications with the public.
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  • Board Policy 1112: Media Relations

    PURPOSE:    To establish guidelines for working with the media.
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  • Board Policy 1113: District and School Websites

    PURPOSE:    To establish design standards, content guidelines, and privacy rights on District and school websites
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  • Board Policy 1114: District-Sponsored Social Media

    PURPOSE:        To establish content guidelines and address privacy rights on District social media platforms.
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  • Board Policy 1150: Commendations and Awards

    PURPOSE:    To address commendations and awards of community members and organizations.
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  • Board Policy 1160 Political Processes

    PURPOSE:    To address political activities conducted by Board members and District employees acting on the District’s behalf.
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  • Board Policy 1220: Citizen Advisory Councils and Committees

    PURPOSE:    To set forth the policy for citizen advisory councils and committees.
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  • Board Policy 1230: School-Connected Organizations

    PURPOSE:    To set forth the policy regarding organizing and operating school-connected organizations in the District.
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  • Board Policy 1240: Volunteer Assistance

    PURPOSE:    To encourage community members to enrich the educational experience of students while strengthening the schools’ relationships with the community.
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  • Board Policy 1250: Visitors/Public Attendance at District Events

    PURPOSE:    To establish procedures for school visitors and public attendance at District events.
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  • Board Policy 1250.1: Civility Policy

    PURPOSE:    To promote and maintain mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct among District employees, parents, and the public.
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  • Board Policy 1260: Educational Foundations

    PURPOSE:    To support and define the District’s relation with educational foundations.
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  • Board Policy 1312.1: Complaints Regarding District Employees

    PURPOSE:    To establish a process for the expeditious resolution of complaints regarding District employees.
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  • Board Policy 1312.2: Complaints Regarding Instructional Materials

    PURPOSE:    To establish a procedure for parents, community members, or employees to submit complaints concerning the content or use of District instructional materials.  
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  • Board Policy 1312.3: Uniform Complaint Procedures

    PURPOSE:    To establish procedures for resolving complaints that are required to be resolved through the District’s uniform complaint procedures.
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  • Board Policy 1312.4: Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures

    PURPOSE:    To establish a uniform complaint procedure to resolve complaints specified in Education Code section 35186 regarding the Williams settlement.
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  • Board Policy 1321: Solicitation of Funds by and Through Students

    PURPOSE:    To establish procedures for student fundraising and solicitation by students.
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  • Board Policy 1325: Advertising and Promotion

    PURPOSE:    To establish standards for advertisements and promotions by non-school groups in school-sponsored publications, on District and school web sites and social media, and on school facilities and grounds.
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  • Board Policy 1330: Use of District Facilities

    PURPOSE:    To establish procedures and requirements for the use of District facilities.
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  • Board Policy 1340: Access to District Records/Public Records

    PURPOSE:    To establish requirements and procedures for public access to public records.
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  • Board Policy 1400: Relations with Other Governmental Agencies

    PURPOSE:    To address relations and collaboration with other governmental agencies.
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  • Board Policy 1700: Relations with Community and Private Industry

    PURPOSE:    To address  relations and collaboration with the community and private industry.
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