0000 Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans

0000 - Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans

  • Board Policy 0000: Vision, Mission, Beliefs, and Aims

    PURPOSE:    To designate the District’s vision, mission, beliefs, and aims.
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  • Board Policy 0100: District Philosophy

    PURPOSE:    To describe the District’s educational philosophy.
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  • Board Policy 0400: Comprehensive Plans

    PURPOSE:    To set forth provisions regarding the establishment of comprehensive plans.
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  • Board Policy 0410: Nondiscrimination in District Programs and Activities

    PURPOSE:    To set forth the District’s policy regarding nondiscrimination in District programs and activities.
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  • Board Policy 0420: Categorical Committees

    PURPOSE:    To address school plans and school site councils.
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  • Board Policy 0420.4: Charter Schools

    PURPOSE:  The Board recognizes that charter schools may offer learning opportunities for students. The Board desires to support charter schools that provide a sound educational program for students and comply with applicable laws.
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  • Board Policy 0430: Comprehensive Local Plan for Special Education

    PURPOSE:    To set forth provisions regarding development, approval, and administration of the District’s special education local plan area and the provision of special education.
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  • Board Policy 0440: District Technology Plan

    PURPOSE:    To address the development of a technology plan for the District.
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  • Board Policy 0450: Comprehensive Safety Plan

    PURPOSE:    To set forth the procedures and requirements for the development of a comprehensive safety plan.
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  • Board Policy 0460: Local Control and Accountability Plan

    PURPOSE:    To set forth the procedures and requirements for development and approval of the District’s local control and accountability plan.    
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  • Board Policy 0500: District Accountability

    PURPOSE:    To establish an accountability system that focuses resources for, energy on, and commitment to achievement, quality, and sustained improvement at all levels of District.
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  • Board Policy 0510: School Accountability Report Card

    PURPOSE:    To define the District’s compliance with Education Code section 35256.
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