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Board Bylaw 9250: Board Member Renumeration, Reimbursement, and Other Benefits
PURPOSE:    To describe remuneration, reimbursement, and other benefits for Board members.
Board Bylaw 9224: Board Member Oath or Affirmation
PURPOSE:    To set forth the requirements relating to the taking of the oath of office by Board members.

Board Bylaw 9223: Filling Board Vacancies
PURPOSE:    To describe the procedures and requirements for filling vacancies on the Board.
Board Bylaw 9222: Board Member Resignation
PURPOSE:    To describe the process for Board member resignation from the Board.
Board Bylaw 9220: Board Elections
PURPOSE:    To describe the process and requirements for elections of Board members.
Board Bylaw 9200: Duties and Limits of Authority of Board Members
PURPOSE:    To address the duties and limits of authority of individual Board members.
Board Bylaw 9140: Board Representatives
PURPOSE:    To describe the procedures for designating or appointing Board members as representatives on District committees or committees of another agency or organization.
Board Bylaw 9130: Board Committees
PURPOSE:    To describe the procedures and requirements governing the Board’s establishment and use of committees.
Board Bylaw 9123: Clerk
PURPOSE:    To describe the role and responsibilities of the Board clerk.
Board Bylaw 9122: Secretary
PURPOSE:    To describe the role and responsibilities of the Board secretary.
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